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August 19, 2020/Music Ranked

Todd and Eric return to Eric’s original list to discuss Phil Collins.  Possibly best known for his time as the front man for Genesis, we instead discuss his solo career.

Among other things, we fail to be able to place Mr. Collins within a specific genre, discuss his stint as an actor, and invoke a widening spiral of exchanged trivia that ends a bit shaken (and not stirred).

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As always, find the opinions of The Hersey Boys at Music Ranked! – Phil Collins. Discussed early in the podcast, Phil Collins broke away from Genesis and had a great debut album. Wonder who else had fantastic debut albums?

Debut Albums That Rocked

As you might think, RollingStone covered the best debut albums in 2013 and we will cherry pick from that list (among others).

‘Led Zeppelin’ – Led Zeppelin (1969)

It’s fair to say that Todd would be happy with this selection. Ranked #72 on RollingStone’s list, it’s fair to say that this album would a little higher on Eric and Todd’s list. “Communication Breakdown” is just one of the songs that play on this epic album.

‘Come Away with Me’ – Norah Jones (2002)

I’m not sure if Todd is a fan – but Eric loved some Norah Jones in 2002. This might have been the last days of CD’s, but this was one Eric actually had. Over the years, he hasn’t followed much Norah Jones – but she had a great debut album.

‘Pretty Hate Machine’ – Nine Inch Nails (1989)

Another Todd selection (without actually asking him) – Nine Inch Nails put out Pretty Hate Machine and laid the foundation for their industrial rock sound. Starting out with “Head Like a Hole”, this album is worth the listen and worth the #53 rank on RollingStones list.

‘The Doors’ – The Doors (1967)

Todd and Eric can fight over who likes this album more. This #34 ranked album is a pure classic. “Break on Through (to the Other Side)” might be the most popular track but the other ten tracks are also fantastic. Truth be told, maybe “Light My Fire” is the most popular?

‘Licensed to Ill’ – Beastie Boys (1986)

Let’s spoil the entire list by giving away the top-ranked album. All in good time Todd will discuss his love for the Beastie Boys (or he might have already done this in an archived TodCast). Either way, this album created a new sound and goes down as #1.

Full List

Our boy Phil didn’t make the list. But you can see the entire list at

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