Music Ranked! Elton John

September 2, 2020/Music Ranked

Todd and Eric discuss memories both joyous and horrific regarding the Muppet show as their mutual first contact with Sir Elton John. We dive into his music, partnership with Bernie Taupin, and how we remember and enjoy his music over the years.

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It wasn’t a few minutes into this exciting episode of Music Ranked! that The Muppet Show was brought up. Of course, Todd was referring to the episode featuring Elton John and “Crocodile Rock”. Since you can find all of the other information on this podcast at Music Ranked – Elton John, let’s talk about The Muppet Show guests.

The Best Guests on The Muppet Show

Elton John (of course)

Mark Hamill

Alice Cooper

John Cleese

Steve Martin

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This episode has slowly been eaten by Muppet crocodiles since September 2nd, 2020.

For more info, head on over to the Music Ranked! website.

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